The Colgate Model UN Society shares the United Nations’ commitment to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.

Big Picture

In an increasingly complex and interdependent world, the Colgate Model United Nations Society (MUN) endeavors to provide its members with the valuable skills of diplomacy, debate, group decision-making, negotiation, and public speaking. MUN members explore different cultures, nations, political systems, and NGOs.


South Korea 2015


Peru 2015


France 2014

Argentina 2011

Argentina 2011

Singapore 2011

Singapore 2011

Taiwan 2010

Mexico 2009

Mexico 2009

They learn about global issues and international organizations by representing different nations and working with the delegates of other nations, as well as representatives of NGOs. They also may serve on history-based crisis committees that focus on critical events and the development of policies, decisions, and resolutions affecting the crises outcomes.

Conferences and travel

MUN’s delegates participate on a variety of committees at a wide range of conferences. Competitive travel to a variety of destinations occurs throughout the academic year.  Past destinations include the northeastern United States, China, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Taiwan, Mexico, and Canada.

In March 2014, Colgate competed in Menton, France at MedMUN. The delegation took home five Best Delegate awards and two honorable mentions. In March 2015, Colgate MUN will be sending delegates to Seoul, South Korea for the MUN World Conference.

Join us!

In sum, if you are a Colgate University student interested in addressing global issues, diplomacy and negotiation, international relations, and the work and commitments of the United Nations, you should join MUN. You will develop valuable speaking skills, have memorable experiences, meet and work with people from around the world, and form lasting friendships.

Join Here: Get Involved!

Contact: James Carino ’16, Colgate Model UN President

Contact: Colgate Speaking Union for information about other clubs involved in extracurricular competitive speaking activities.


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