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Club Meeting/World MUN Tryouts

29 Nov
11/28/12 – tryouts for the 8-member delegation attending WorldMUN in Melbourne, Australia; heated and competitive debate on the use of private military companies using full parliamentary procedure, including debate, writing papers, draft resolutions, and voting to pass a resolution.
10/31/12 – debated the withdrawl of NATO  troops from Afghanistan; presentation by executive board on resultion writing; wrote mock resolutions
10/24/12 – presentation on parliamentary procedure; parliament procedure jeopardy on motions, points, and procedures
10/17/12 – UPEN tryout; very heated debate on Iranian nuclear program
10/10/12 – debated the fairness of Colgate’s Drinking, Drugs, and Conduct point system
10/3/12 – BarMUN tryouts; debated Mexican drug cartel war
9/26/12 – Yale tryouts; debated recent embassy attacks in the Middle East which were sparked by controversial anti-Muslim film
9/19/12 – debated the appropriate action to take in Syria
9/12/12 – Colgate MUN informational meeting

Club Meeting

15 Nov

11/14/2102 – each member of the club gave a few 60- or 30-second impromptu speeches on current events after 15 seconds or less to prepare. Topics and positions were randomly assigned so members at times argued against what they personally believe.

Club Meeting

11 Nov

11/7/2012 – considered the results of the presidential election; debated the efficacy and existence of the Electoral College.

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