Club Meeting/World MUN Tryouts

29 Nov
11/28/12 – tryouts for the 8-member delegation attending WorldMUN in Melbourne, Australia; heated and competitive debate on the use of private military companies using full parliamentary procedure, including debate, writing papers, draft resolutions, and voting to pass a resolution.
10/31/12 – debated the withdrawl of NATO  troops from Afghanistan; presentation by executive board on resultion writing; wrote mock resolutions
10/24/12 – presentation on parliamentary procedure; parliament procedure jeopardy on motions, points, and procedures
10/17/12 – UPEN tryout; very heated debate on Iranian nuclear program
10/10/12 – debated the fairness of Colgate’s Drinking, Drugs, and Conduct point system
10/3/12 – BarMUN tryouts; debated Mexican drug cartel war
9/26/12 – Yale tryouts; debated recent embassy attacks in the Middle East which were sparked by controversial anti-Muslim film
9/19/12 – debated the appropriate action to take in Syria
9/12/12 – Colgate MUN informational meeting
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