Conference Results

SCSY 2015: Yale

Congratulations to Colgate’s delegation that participated in SCSY, the Security Council Simulation at Yale.

The delegates that participated were:

  • Luke Musetti – Vice President
  • Mallory Shaner – Press Secretary
  • Jamie Gagliano
  • Erica Nathan
  • Gabby Yates
  • Jackson Painter
  • Steven McDermott
  • Doug Whelan

Look out for the Colgate MUN team at UPMUNC in Philadelphia next!

BarMUN 2015: Boston

Congratulations to Colgate’s delegation this past weekend for kicking off the conference season with a great start!

Special congratulations to Emily Kahn for receiving a Verbal Commendation, and to the other delegates who participated:

Matt Altonji – Secretary
James Carino – President
Katrina Stevenson
Alex Russell
Matt Goodsell
Rohan Chaudhari

The Colgate Model UN Delegation can next be seen in New Haven at SCSY, hosted by Yale University next weekend!

WorldMUN: Seoul, South Korea

Over spring break (March 14-21), eight students from the Colgate Model UN club traveled to Seoul, South Korea to participate in the WorldMUN conference hosted by Harvard University.  The delegates worked hard throughout the week in their various committees but were also able to take advantage of the amazing sights and history the city had to offer.  Club Secretary Katrina Stevenson ’17 and Mallory Shaner ’18 represented Timor-Leste in the Disarmament and International Security general assembly.  Also representing the small Pacific nation were Jamie Gagliano ’16 and Jackson Painter ’18 on the UN Commission on the Status of Women regional committee and Ieva Steponaviciute ’17 on the Millennium Development Goals general assembly.  Sophomore William Shaw participated as Armenia in the Historical General Assembly, Adam Amron ’18 was Louis Blanc on the Paris Commune historical committee, and club President Colin Shipley ’15 was the regional directory for the Horn, East, and Central Africa for the Oxfam International committee.  While none of our delegates walked away with any awards, everyone enjoyed the trip and learned a lot about the local culture!


Left to right: Adam Amron, Jackson Painter, William Shaw, Ieva Steponaviciute, Mallory Shaner, Colin Shipley, Katrina Stevenson, and Jamie Gagliano

UCBMUN: Berkeley, CA

From February 25- March 1, a delegation from Colgate MUN participated in the University of California Berkeley’s conference in sunny (and warm!) California.  Ellen Brunker‘18 and Matt Goodsell‘18 were double delegates representing the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian general assembly. Also representing the DRC were Sydni Bond ‘19 on the Non-Aligned Movement GA, Kayla Dowd ’18 on the African Union GA, and John Murphy ’15 on the World Bank.  Additionally, Jackson Painter ’18 represented Japan on the International Court of Justice GA, Jessica Blau ’18 participated as Eddie Gong on the Tong Wars crisis committee, Kirsten Halvorson ’15 and Adam Amron ’18 were vikings for the The Conquest of the British Isles crisis, and Colin Shipley ’15 represented David Lesar on the World Petroleum Congress.  Although the delegation did not walk away with any awards this time, they greatly enjoyed the conference and all the committees.


Left to right: Sydni Bond, Ellen Brunker, Kayla Dowd, and Jessica Blau


Left to right: Jackson Painter, Kayla Dowd, and Sydni Bond

PICSim 2015: Princeton, NJ

Colgate kicked off the spring semester with a strong showing at Princeton University’s International Crisis Simulation from February 19-22.  This year’s committees were assigned countries throughout the Middle East like Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia as well as terrorist organizations such as Al-Quada and ISIS.  The delegates spent three days discussing and attempting to resolve domestic and international issues of the region.  The 10-delegate team consisted of Ieva Steponaviciute ’17 (head delegate), Lydia Mesler ’15, Rachelle Ehrman ’16, Luke Musetti ’17, William Shaw ’17, Mallory Shaner ’18, Jessica Blau ’18, Matt Goodsell ’18, Matt Altonji ’18, and Adam Amron ’18.  Rachelle Ehrman on the United Arab Emirates committee Matt Goodsell on Saudi Arabia both took home verbal commendation awards and William Shaw on the Syria Committee got an Honorable Mention award.

photo 1-1

Left to right: Luke Musetti, Matt Altonji, Lydia Mesler, Jessica Blau, Mallory Shaner, William Shaw, Ieva Steponaviciute, Rachelle Ehrman, and Adam Amron. Not pictured: Matt Goodsell

photo 2-1

Winners from the conference: Rachelle Ehrman (left) and William Shaw (right) Not Pictured: Matt Goodsell

HNMUN LA IV: Outstanding Small Delegation

Colgate’s first international delegation of 2015 traveled to Lima, Peru to compete in Harvard National Model United Nations in Latin America. The conference lasted from January 13-16 and included delegations from North, South, and Central America. Colgate’s delegation included Colin Shipley ’15, Kirsten Halvorson ’15, Lee Tremblay ’16, Jack McKay ’17, Ieva Steponaviciute ’17, Lucas Musetti ’17, Adam Amron ’18, and Matthew Altonji ’18. The delegates debated topics ranging from childhood malnutrition to global terrorism threats in this General Assembly formatted conference. Ieva Steponaviciute, who represented Honduras in SOCHUM, and Jack McKay, the delegate of the United Kingdom in the Security Council, both took home Honorable Mentions. The cumulative efforts of the delegation rewarded Colgate with an Outstanding Small Delegation award. In all, HNMUNLA was a very rewarding trip for the Society and its members.


Left to Right: Lee Tremblay, Adam Amron, Jack McKay, Mr. John Adams, Lucas Musetti, Ieva Steponaviciute, Matthew Altonji, Kirsten Halvorsen, Colin Shipley


From November 6 to 9, delegates from all across America, as well as many international students, traveled to Philadelphia to compete in the University of Pennsylvania’s Model United Nations Conference (UPMUNC XLVIII). Colgate was proud to send no less than twelve delegates to compete in this conference. Colgate students nearly all took on the roles of delegates from Chad as they debated everything from cyber security to foreign intervention in domestic conflicts. Ranging from a crisis committee based on technological giants of industry to ECOSOC committees and the World Health Organization to General Assemblies like the Disarmament and International Security committees, the conference had excellent representation from Colgate. The twelve delegates who made the trip and made friends, and lasting connections as well, are as follow: Colin Shipley ’15, Kirsten Halvorson ’15, James Carino ’16, Katrina Stevenson ’17, Ieva Steponaviciute ’17, Lucas Musetti ’17, Matt Altonji ’18, Jessica Blau ’18, John Eddins ’18, James Goldin ’18, Jackson Painter ’18, Alex Russell ’18, and Mallory Shaner ’18. The Colgate MUN Society will next turn its attention to Peru as it travels to HNMUNLA in January.


Back: Jackson Painter, Colin Shipley, James Carino, Luke Musetti, James Goldin, John Eddins Front: Kirsten Halvorson, Katrina Stevenson, Mallory Shaner Not Pictured: Matt Altonji, Jessica Blau, Alex Russell


The Colgate MUN Society sent its second delegation of the 2014-2015 season to New Haven, CT to compete in this year’s Security Council Simulation at Yale. The conference lasted from October 16 to October 19 and consisted of a series of Crisis Committees mostly rooted in fiction. The Crises ranged from Fairy Tales to the 2017 Administration of President Hillary Clinton. Five of the nine delegates were first year students: Matt Altonji, Kayla Dowd, Jackson Painter, Alex Russell, and Mallory Shaner. Also competing were Lucas Musetti ’17, Ieva Steponaviciute ’17, Lee Tremblay ’16, and Lydia Mesler ’15. Ieva Steponaviciute served as the head delegate for the conference. Kayla Dowd took an Honorable Mention for her role as Maggie Williams on Hillary’s Cabinet and Lee Tremblay took an Outstanding Delegate award for her role as Lieutenant Theodore Groves in the Pirates of the Caribbean-British Committee. Congratulations to all delegates, and good luck in the rest of the year.

SCSY Delegation Back: Ieva Steponaviciute, Jackson Painter, Lydia Mesler, Mallory Shaner, Matt Altonji, Alex Russell, Luke Musetti. Front: Lee Tremblay, Kayla Dowd

SCSY Delegation
Back: Ieva Steponaviciute, Jackson Painter, Lydia Mesler, Mallory Shaner, Matt Altonji, Alex Russell, Luke Musetti.
Front: Lee Tremblay, Kayla Dowd


The Model United Nations Society of Colgate University kicked off the opening of the MUN season by sending a delegation of seven students to Boston Area’s Seventh Annual Model United Nations Conference (BarMUN VII). The conference lasted from October 2 to October 5 and consisted of an assortment of Crisis Committees ranging from Indira Ghandi’s Personal Advisory Board in 1977, to a meeting of the Al-Qaida Shura Council in the Ad-Hoc Committee. Colgate is proud to announce that five of the seven delegates were first-year students: Adam Amron, Jessica Blau, Sydni Bond, Zakaria Imessaoudene, and Olivia Taylor. Additionally, Lucas Musetti ’17 and Jack McKay ’17 competed and served as Colgate’s head delegates for the conference. The Colgate MUN Society is pleased to announce that Adam Amron received an Honorable Mention award for his role on Indira Ghandi’s Advisory Board and Jack McKay also won an Honorable Mention for his role on the European Commissioners Committee. In all, it was a strong showing by all delegates and an excellent start to the season.


(Colgate’s BarMUN VII Delegation. Left to right: Jack McKay, Sydni Bond, Jessica Blau, Olivia Taylor, Lucas Musetti, Adam Amron. Not Pictured: Zakaria Imessaoudene)

2014 “Dag” Award Goes to Ross Brown

The Dag Hammarskjöld award, named for the second Secretary-General of the United Nations, is awarded to a graduating senior at Colgate every year. The award is given to the senior who has most improved the Colgate Model United Nations Society during his or her time at the University. The MUN Society is proud to announce that this year’s “Dag” recipient is Ross Brown.

Among other accomplishments, Ross’s experience with MUN saw him serving as president of the Executive Board this past year and winning Best Delegate for his role as Canada’s delegate to NATO in MedMUN, his last MUN conference with Colgate. Ross’s absolute dedication to the Society as member and mentor will not soon be forgotten. Colgate MUN wishes the absolute best for Ross in his future. We will miss you.

Colgate Wins Five Best Delegate Awards and Two Honorable Mentions at MedMUN 

From March 28-30, Colgate’s Model United Nations team competed at MedMUN, a conference dedicated to the Middle East and Mediterranean region. The competition was hosted by Sciences Po, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Undergraduate College of Menton, Menton, France. The Colgate delegation consisted of Ross Brown ’14, Sara Mattina ’14, Kirsten Halvorson ’15, Alex Tiktinsky ’16, Lee Tremblay ’16, Jamie Gagliano ’16, Michael Hogg ’17, Jack McKay ’17, Lucas Musetti ’17, and Ieva Steponaviciute ’17. Assistant Dean Aurelius Henderson traveled with Colgate’s delegation as their Advisor.

Colgate's Delegation

Colgate’s Delegation

The conference ranged from committees based on the region’s historical tradition to a joint committee focusing on the Iran-Iraq War to a modern-day Security Council. Colleges from around the world competed, including several from Europe. Princeton and MIT also had delegates in attendance. We are proud of all our members who attended the conference and are pleased to announce that the team brought back seven titles. Ross Brown took Best Delegate for his role as Canada’s representative at NATO. Kirsten Halvorson won an Honorable Mention in the same committee as the representative for the Czech Republic. Alex Tiktinsky represented Russia in the Security Council to take Best Delegate. Lee Tremblay took on the role of Tariq Aziz, Foreign Minister of Iraq in the Historical Cabinet committee while Jamie Gagliano participated in the rival Iranian Historical Committee. Both students took Best Delegate in their committees. Lucas Musetti represented the Beylerbey Mustafa Pasha of Algiers in the Historical Pirates Committee and took Best Delegate. In the modern Iraqi Cabinet Committee, Ieva Steponaviciute represented Moqtada al-Sadr to win an Honorable Mention. With a total of seven awards, Colgate’s performance at MedMUN was a great way to end a great year. We’re already looking forward to next year! Competitions will include WorldMUN in Seoul, Korea, UPMunc at the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale SCSY.

Colgate MUN Competes at Princeton:

James Carino ’16 Wins Best Delegate Award

From February 20th to the 23rd Colgate’s Model United Nations team competed at the Princeton Interactive Crisis Simulation (PICSim) hosted by Princeton University. Those competing were Ross Brown ‘14, James Carino ‘16, Udbhav Joshi ‘14, Ieva Steponaviciute ‘17, Katrina Stevenson ‘17, and Ranissa Adityavarman ‘16.

Colgate's Delegates

Colgate’s Delegates

The conference was centered on a fictional crisis in the Black Sea region, and positions our delegates represented included ministers of the governments of Serbia, Turkey, Kosovo, and Interpol. The other colleges in attendance, including UPenn, Middlebury, and Queens College provided sharp competition, yielding a challenging, educational, and enjoyable experience for Colgate’s delegates. James Carino won best delegate in his committee, representing the United States in Interpol.

Colgate at UPMUNC 2014

From November 14 through November 17, twelve members of the Colgate Model United Nations Society attended the University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference (UPMUNC) in Philadelphia. The delegation included Ross Brown ’14, Alex Tiktinsky ’16, Charity Whyte ’16, Michelle Cow ’16,Lucas Musetti ’17, Katrina Stevenson ’17, Ieva Steponaviciute ’17, Christopher Sulkowski ’17, Piper Marsh ’17, Sharon Nicol ’17, Jack McKay ’17, and Michael Hogg ’17.

At the conference, the delegates simulated United Nations committees addressing topics from international maritime law to organ trafficking.  The students who attended the conference made lasting connections with students from other schools, including the University of Chicago and the College of William and Mary.  The Colgate delegation represented Ghana in each of the committees.

Alex Tiktinsky secured an Honorable Mention in the ECOFIN Committee while Lucas Musetti received a Verbal Commendation from the UNESCO Committee.



Colgate University Model United Nations attended the sixth Boston Area Model United Nations Conference (BarMUN) from October 10 through October 13.  Colgate students participated in intense simulations of a wide range of bodies.  These included the board of Huawei, the largest telecommunications manufacturer in the world, the North Korean Politburo, and the White House Senior Staff. In addition, Colgate students had a great time experiencing Boston and making connections with students from other schools who share their passion for international affairs and diplomacy. We are proud of all of our members who participated and congratulate Marissa Johnson ’14, Luke Musetti ’17, James Carino ’16, and Udbhav Joshi ’14 for their verbal commendations.


Colgate MUN Competes at Columbia University

From October 3-6, six members of the Colgate Model United Nations Team attended the Columbia Model United Nations in New York (CMUNNY). At this conference, students spent three days immersed in past and present international relations crisis simulations, which provided them with the opportunity to practice speaking, writing, and diplomacy skills.

Sharon, Jazym, Jack, Alex, Leva and Lee

Sharon, Jazym, Jack, Alex, Leva, and Lee

In addition to Alex Tiktinsky ’16 and Lee Tremblay ’16, there were four new members who participated: Jack McKay ’17, Sharon Nicol ’17, Jazmyn McKoy ’17, and Ieva Steponaviciute ’17. The trip served as a fantastic introduction to Model UN for all four first-years, and the club has high hopes for their future successes.

Lwam Stefanos ’14 Elected to College MUN All-Star 2nd Team

Best Delegate” (5/7/13):

The purpose of the College Model UN All-Star Team is to recognize exemplary individuals in the college MUN community who have made a difference inside and outside of committee. These could be but are not necessarily limited to just the best delegates or award winners; conferences already determine those. Rather, the College MUN All-Star Team should be representative of the best and most respected leaders in the community. They are diplomatic and skilled in committee, help strengthen the relationships between schools, provide thoughtful leadership, and make the Model UN experience better for everyone.

College students who participated in at least one college conference were eligible to submit one nomination form of up to ten students on the college circuit. Due to the All-Star Team’s emphasis on community, students were only allowed to nominate up to three delegates from their own school and were not allowed to nominate themselves. The nomination process took place from April 23-30. Each nominated name received one vote. Ballots were manually edited for spelling inconsistencies and manually checked for validity, and results were checked for accuracy. Delegates receiving the top number of votes were given All-Star team honors divided into three tiers: 10 for First Team, 10 for Second Team, and 18 for Third Team. . . .

Lwam Stefanos

Colgate University

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 10.48.38 AM

Lwam Stefanos ’14

Lwam Stefanos is a rising senior at Colgate University, double majoring in international relations and English literature. She is the current head delegate and Vice President of the Colgate Model United Nations team, and has done Model UN for seven years. Her MUN career began at a Best Delegate Top 25 school, West Windsor Plainsboro HS North. A true world traveler, Lwam has been to every continent except Antartica, and most recently studied abroad in London. Lwam’s attitude in committee embodies the true spirit of the UN; she works with everyone regardless of position, and works hard to show that even ‘non-P5′ colleges can have fantastic delegates.

Lwam’s election by her College MUN peers is great news for Colgate MUN. It bears witness to its members consistent striving for excellence, their dedication to their team, and the qualities of character that they bear, and are valued by the College MUN community.

Congratulations Lwam!

Zach Amron ’13 Awarded Colgate MUN’s Coveted “Dag”

Congratulations Zach!

Congratulations Zach!

The Dag Hammarskjöld award, which is awarded each year to the graduating senior who has contributed the most to improving the Colgate Model United Nations Society, was presented to Zach Amron, class of 2013. Zach’s four years of dedication and commitment to Colgate MUN, his stellar performance at conferences, his service on MUN’s Executive Board, and his thoughtful mentoring of new Society members have earned him the “Dag.” We’re going to miss you Zach!

Colgate Down Under at WorldMUN 2013!

Let the diplomacy begin!

Let the diplomacy begin!

Since its founding in 1992, the prestigious WorldMUN conference, organized by Harvard University and known as “The Olympics of Model United Nations,” has traveled from Miedzyzdroje, Poland to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt to Taipei, Taiwan and beyond! This year’s conference took WorldMUN to a new level. In fact, the Secretariat described it as “the greatest conference in living memory.” Six days of events ranging from 4-hour committee sessions to a delegate-led cabaret, all in Melbourne, Australia. The Colgate delegation left the first day of spring break to spend a week exploring Australia from Cairns to Uluru. From snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef and hiking through the rainforest to a thousand-foot waterfall to learning about the aboriginal Australian people, we bonded as a delegation and became much more knowledge about Australian culture.



In addition to committee time, we explored the international culture of Melbourne. We wandered the sunny streets, enjoyed the day and night markets and pubs, ate crocodile and kangaroo, and attempted to imitate the Aussie accent. During the opening and closing ceremonies a koala was brought on stage, an Aboriginal dance was performed, and young Australian students sang traditional songs. At Global Village delegations set up tables and displayed their country’s traditional cuisine and national symbols.

Julia, Lwam and Zach Enjoying Global Village

Julia, Lwam, and Zach Enjoying Global Village

Inside and outside committee sessions, Colgate students spent hours discussing, negotiating, and creating potential solutions to world issues with fellow delegates. During committee lunches and dinners, we spoke with delegates from all over the world and were able to learn about their home countries as well as discuss MUN strategy and how it differs in various parts of the world. At World MUN there exists fierce competition for awards, especially since many countries are MUN powerhouses (Belgium and Venezuela).



Senior, Zach Amron, succeeded in out-debating other delegates in his committee, “Times of Trouble: Russia 1605.” Zach not only won a Best Diplomacy Award but also succeeded in making himself Tsar of Russia!

Vasillii Shuiskii (AKA Zach Amron) is now Russia’s new Tsar!

Vasillii Shuiskii (AKA Zach Amron) is now Russia’s new Tsar!

Colgate delegates Emily Dumont ’13 and Julia McMillan ’13, working as partners on the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Affairs Committee (SOCHUM), discussed the fate of endangered languages and the role of ethnic minorities in economic development. Colgate junior, Lwam Stefanos, spent much time writing and debating in the World Health Organization Committee (WHO). Sophomores Colin Shipley and Udbhav Joshi worked as partners on the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) discussing territorial disputes and underwater resources, and foreign military bases. Sophomore Kirsten Halvorson and first-year Emma (Lee) Tremblay worked on The Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) discussing the exploitation of migrant workers. A great time was had by all!

Bye Bye!

Bye! Bye!

Where will WorldMUN be held next year? We’re all waiting to find out!

West Point Security Conference (WPSC)

West Point: Back in the day

West Point: Back in the day

The Colgate Model United Nations Society traveled to West Point from February 28-March 3 to participate in the West Point Security Conference. The event was an interactive crisis conference consisting of seven committees, including Africom, the National Economic Council, and the National Security Council.

Africom Insignia

Africom Insignia

Delegates attended to a wide variety of crises, from woeful economic conditions in the U.S. to the flare-up of Islamist militant networks in Mali. Because the simulation modeled the U.S. government and associated agencies, each committee had some responsibility to report directly to the National Security Council, chaired by the President of the United States. Advanced technology like an inter-room conferencing network facilitated communication between committees and helped delegates avoid nuclear Armageddon at the end of the conference. Colgate students Emily Dumont ’13, Marissa Johnson ’14, Sara Mattina ’14, Colin Shipley ’15, John Tetnowski ’15, Gustavo Gala ’16, and Sarah Sirota ’16 participated the conference.

McMun: Colgate MUN Wins Awards in Montreal

The Team:Dezhi, Myles, Zach, Lwam, Alex, Lydia, Jamie, and Emma

The Team:
Dezhi, Myles, Zach, Lwam, Alex, Lydia, Jamie, and Emma

The Colgate Model UN Society’s first conference of 2013 was also its first ever visit to McGill MUN, or McMUN, in Montreal. Eight students and advisor John Adams drove five hours north into the painful cold on Thursday, 1/24, for a four-day conference of 1,400 delegates and 500 staff—almost 2,000 people in all. Not only did students enjoy themselves in debate and at the conference’s social events, they brought 3 awards back to the United States between the eight of them! Alex Tiktinsky, first-year, acted as Spain in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), representing its interests on issues including Software Patents, Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge, and Industrial Design. Myles Coen and Jamie Gagliano, first-years, teamed up on “The Third Committee,” which was Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural (SOCHUM). Together they represented Costa Rica’s positions on the topic of Censorship, successfully writing parts of 2 resolutions, both passed by the body. Lydia Mesler, sophomore, on the Annual Bank Conference for Development Economics (ABCDE) took on the role of Federico Finan, UC Berkeley economist, to discuss the topics of Internal Trade and Sustainable Economics and Trade. While all of the committees included subtopics in debate, ABCDE had 3 subtopics for each of its topics, and Mesler learned a lot about global economics. Dezhi (Danny) Yu, sophomore, as Costa Rica on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), discussed Refugee Camp Security and the Status of Burmese Refugees. While the topics don’t at first glance seem particularly relevant to Costa Rica, they were interesting enough that Yu made himself a player in debate. Meanwhile Emma (Lee) Tremblay, first-year, and Lwam Stefanos, junior, working together as co-delegates of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the Americas on the World Health Summit (WHS), successfully authored and passed 2 controversial reports on the issues of Medical Tourism and Cultural Barriers to Health. Of the 260 delegates on the  WHS, Tremblay and Stefanos received Honourable Mentions, the equivalent of 4th place out of the 260 delegates. The third award in the delegation went to senior Zach Amron, who worked in a historical committee on Wall Street in 2008. The three topics—Transparency and the Financial Infrastructure, Macro-prudential Policies, and Accountability: Protecting Investors, Consumers, and the Financial System—were designed for fierce debate on the issues that may have caused the Wall Street failure and, with it, the Great Recession. With unique rules and a set of 20 stocks to follow, Amron successfully represented the United Kingdom Finance Minister Gordon and brought home a gavel, winning 2nd  place overall, or Outstanding Delegate.

Award WinnersEmma, Zach, and Lwam

Award Winners
Emma, Zach, and Lwam

Though debate was, at times, intense, and the competition tough, Colgate had a successful weekend, and the hours spent in debate—over 20 in all—were well worth it!

University of Pennsylvania Model UN Conference

During the weekend of November 8-11, ten delegates from the Colgate Model United Nations Society competed at the University of Pennsylvania Model UN Conference (UPMUNC) held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Colgate double-delegates worked together on a variety of general assemblies including Social, Cultural, Humanitarian (SOCHUM), Disarmament and International Securities (DISEC), and Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL). Colgate delegates were also represented in the Economic and Social Councils (ECOSOCs) including the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Crises Committees.

UPenn College Green

UPenn College Green

UPMUNC is one of the largest and most competitive conferences. Colgate delegates debated and worked with many of the top U.S. college and university teams. Delegates discussed topics ranging from the black market small arms trade to a crisis committee on “The Wire”–an American television drama focused on different cultural aspects of Baltimore, Maryland, including the illegal drug trade, the seaport system, city government and bureaucracy, and the news media. UPMUNC was the third and final conference of the fall semester. We are looking forward to two international conferences in the new year! The Colgate delegation was represented by Emily Dumont ‘13, Julia McMillan ‘13, Ross Brown ’14, Udbhav Joshi ’14, Colin Shipley ’15, Kirsten Halvorson ’15, Joseph Van Galen ’15, Tianyi Wang ’15, James Carino ‘16, and Melissa Haller ‘16.

Boston Area Model UN Conference

This past October, six delegates from the Colgate Model United Nations society traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to compete in the Boston Area Model UN Conference (BarMUN) at Boston University. The conference was unique in that it was formatted as an interactive crisis with two separate tracks, historical and modern.

In Committee

In Committee

An interactive crisis means that each committee has a certain stake in the debates and resolutions passed by other committees. For example, the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan worked with Hilary Clinton of the United States Security Council to devise a solution to U.S. use of the K2 airbase in southern Uzbekistan. Colgate delegates participated in modern track committees ranging from the Chinese Ministry of State Security to the Executive Cabinet of Mexico and historical track committees of the Cabinet of the French Fifth Republic to Sullivan and Cromwell LLP. The team made friends with their co-delegates over committee lunches, and they spent time together exploring the city and participating in social events like a Boston Harbor Cruise on the final evening of the conference. Colgate MUN was represented by James Carino ’16, Lee Tremblay ’16, Toni Stickler ’16, Sam Rosecan ’15, Zach Amron ’13, and Colin Shipley ’15. Zach Amron received an Honorable Mention for his part in Sullivan and Cromwell LLP and James Carino received a verbal commendation for his part in the Cabinet of the French Fifth Republic.

Yale University SCSY

The Colgate University Model United Nations Society participated in the Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY) from October 4 through October 7. Students participated in engaging and detailed simulations with students from other universities, which included Georgetown, Harvard, and the United States Military Academy.  These simulations ranged from the United States Security Council to the cabinet of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.



Udbhav Joshi ’14 and Alex Tiktinsky ’16 both were awarded honorable mentions for their skill and hard work.  In addition to the business of the conference, Colgate students were able to connect with globally engaged students from other universities.

Colgate wins Best Large Delegation at HNMUN-LA! 

Over winter break 2012, thirteen members of the Colgate Model United Nations Society headed south to sunny Buenos Aires, Argentina to participate in the inaugural Harvard National Model United Nations Latin America conference. In between ordering world-class steaks, visiting the Delta, and taking tango lessons, members were able to participate in committees with topics ranging from countering bioterrorism to the Durand Line to the prevention of overfishing. Nine members of the Colgate delegation went home with awards. Honorable Mentions were presented to Kirsten Halvorson ’15, Lydia Mesler ’15, Sarah Dickson ’14, Daynelis Vargas ’14, and Srikar Gullapalli ’13, while Lwam Stefanos ’14 and President David Kuntzman ’12 won Outstanding Delegate awards. Additionally, Colin Shipley ’15 and Zach Amron ’13 were each elected by their committees to receive the award of Rapporteur, and both spoke during Closing Ceremonies about the work of their committees and the outcomes they achieved. Colgate MUN at La Casa Rosada To top off the delegation’s success, the Colgate Model United Nations Society was presented with the award for Best Large Delegation. It is the first time that Colgate has won such an award.


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